Get from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans on a half-day tour.

Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans

Plan your day trip from Amsterdam to Zaanse Schans with this complete guide featuring 5 different travel options: tour, bus, train, bike, and car.
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The Zaanse Schans Windmills The Netherlands.

Zaanse Schans Windmills Netherlands

Your ultimate Zaanse Schans Windmills guide by a local. Experience Dutch culture and see Amsterdam's closest windmills.
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Amsterdam in Autumn tips.

Amsterdam in Autumn

See the beauty of Amsterdam in autumn. This list contains 30 of the best things to do in Amsterdam and beyond in Autumn. It's a great time to visit.
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Going to the Keukenhof from Amsterdam, this is the view why people go.

Travel To Keukenhof From Amsterdam

Plan your trip to Keukenhof from Amsterdam using this handy guide. Discover the best travel options from bus to tours to car and ideal visit times.
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Dutch Winter Paintings here A frozen landscape with Skaters by Hendrick Avercamp 1585-1634

Dutch Winter Paintings

30 of the most beautiful Dutch winter paintings that showcase the Netherlands when it's cold. Enjoy these pretty Dutch winter landscape paintings.
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The vicarage in Nuenen, Van Gogh lived here with his parents. One of the Van Gogh in the Netherlands locations.

Van Gogh in the Netherlands

Explore the life and work of Vincent van Gogh in the Netherlands, from his birthplace in Zundert to Drenthe, and the fantastic museums to see his work 👨‍🎨.
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Van Gogh in Drenthe. Here we are at the Hollandscheveld graveyard.

Van Gogh in Drenthe Locations

Vincent van Gogh in Drenthe? Yes, he was there. Find out about six lesser-known places he went that most people don't know about.
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Kroller Muller Museum openend in 1938.

Kröller-Müller Museum Tips

Discover the striking Kröller-Müller Museum: home to a remarkable Van Gogh collection and a sculpture garden, all in the heart of a national park.
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How To Get To Kroller Muller Museum From Amsterdam.

4 Best Ways To Get To Kroller Muller Museum From Amsterdam

Looking how get to Kroller Muller Museum from Amsterdam? Let's make it easy. Here are the 4 best methods to make your trip seamless and enjoyable.
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Bike Rental Amsterdam maybe not such a good idea if you're traveling for the first time to Amsterdam.

Bike Rental Amsterdam

Bike Rental Amsterdam. A great idea? Or not? When you rent a bike, are you prepared for the city's cycling challenges? All you need to know.
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