Windmills and Dutch History

Kinderdijk windmills with boat.
Beautiful view on Kinderdijk – © Hidden Holland

Kinderdijk is the most famous spot in the country for seeing Windmills. This is, for a reason, a Unesco World Heritage site.

And the small city of Delft is soaked in history and beauty. It’s the Bruges of the Netherlands.

But it’s time-consuming (almost impossible) to do both in a day with public transportation.

When booking this private tour, that is no concern. I pick you up at your accommodation in a private car and take you to this beautiful area.

We’ll explore the old town of Delft, and we’ll talk about Vermeer (he lived here all his life), and then we will visit Kinderdijk, where there is enough time to visit the windmills and a boat tour.

  • Length: 10-12 hours
  • Price: €999 per party. Including taxes, transportation, and gas. Meals and tickets are extra (about €50 per person).
  • Transportation: Car (SUV) I pick you up at your accommodation.

PS: You can read my article here to learn more about Delft.

I am originally from this area, and it always feels like going home. Plus, it’s just beautiful.

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