How can I help plan your trip to Holland?

Besides the free content on this blog. I also offer paid services where we can work 1-1 together to make your trip the best one possible.

The three main services I offer are:

The Zoom calls are great if you have questions but already have a general idea about what you’d like to do. You might have practical questions about, for example, tickets, transport, usage of your mobile phone, or activities you have in mind and wonder if they’re worthwhile. And/or you might want to run your itinerary past me for feedback and tips. Or you might need some help with translations between Dutch and English. The Zoom calls are perfect for all of this.

The Personalized Itinerary Service is excellent if you have no time to plan your trip or don’t like doing this. This service includes an intake call so I can plan activities for you that fit with your interests and the people you’re traveling with.

After our call I will get to work planning your days. The final PDF document will include everything in an easy-to-read format. Relevant practical information will be included to ensure you can enjoy your time in Holland without needing Google all the time and have a carefree trip. After I’ve created the first draft of your itinerary, we’ll hop on another call to ensure it matches your expectations. If not, revisions are included.

30-minute Zoom Call – $90

The 30-minute Zoom call starts with a quick survey before our call so I can prepare myself well. My goal is the make conversation itself as valuable as possible for you. The more I know upfront, the better I can prepare myself for our conversation. During the 30-minutes, I will answer as many questions as possible. If I don’t know the answer, I will get an answer for you after our call.

  • Ask me anything about your trip to Holland
  • You can upgrade for 15-minutes extra at a reduced rate while booking (refundable if you don’t use it)
  • 30-minutes is a good length for stays of up to two days (three with the 15-minute extension)
  • Any time left can be used for a follow-up call just before your trip for last-minute questions
  • A recording is available to re-visit our conversation at leisure (optional)

After scheduling a date and time for your call, you’re redirected to the payment page. After you’ve made the payment, your booking is confirmed. If it turns out I can’t help you with your main questions, the fee is 100% refundable. I will only take those calls to which I know I can be of value.

60-minute Zoom Call – $150

The 60-minute Zoom call is just like the 30-minute call. But we have more time. These calls are well suited if you have many different questions and/or have a longer trip planned (three days or more).

  • Everything that is also included in the 30-minute call (follow-up call with remaining minutes, recording)
  • You can upgrade for 15-minutes more at an extra reduced rate (refundable if you don’t use it)
  • 60-minutes is a good length for stays of three days or longer

After scheduling a date and time for your call, you’re redirected to the payment page. After you’ve made the payment, your booking is confirmed. If it turns out I can’t help you with your main questions, the fee is 100% refundable. I will only take those calls to which I know I can be of value.

Personalized Itinerary Service – from $250

With the personalized itinerary service, I do all the work for you*. After you’ve told me about your interests, your travel schedule, and personal preferences, I will get to work on translating that into an itinerary that is based on your interests. I’ll make sure your schedule is neither too full nor too empty. While still maintaining flexibility by offering alternatives to every activity. The final result will be delivered in an easy-to-read PDF document with all relevant (practical) information.

  • An intake call is included, we can discuss your trip and the things you’d like to do/experience
  • I do all the work. You don’t need to Google to figure things out
  • Revisions are included if my suggested itinerary is not exactly what you’re looking for
  • As a bonus, a free 15-minute call is included just before you leave for any remaining questions

* I will provide all the information on how to get somewhere, make reservations, and/or the best way to obtain tickets. But I can’t book them for you. You still need to book yourself. I make it easy to do so.

Pricing Personalized Itinerary Service

One or two travel days: $250 (minimum fee)
Three travel days: $325
Four travel days: $400
Then $50 per extra day.

A travel day is a full day you’d like me to plan locally, you can choose not to have every day of your trip planned by me. For example, if you already know what to do on some days, or want (a) rest day(s) included. The arrival and departure dates usually count for half a day. Or opt out of these two days altogether when you know you won’t do any activities. I can optionally help plan your travel itinerary to and from Holland. The cost is equal to an extra travel day.

BONUS: A 15-minute call is included the week before your departure for any remaining questions you might have.

After booking your intake, I will confirm the booking and send you a payment link. After you’ve made the payment, the booking is confirmed. If it turns out that during the intake or before that, I can not help you with your request, you are eligible to cancel the service for a full refund, or we can agree to deliver the service in part for the days that I can help you with. I want to make certain I can be of value.

Frequently Asked Questions about these services:

What is the difference between the Zoom call and the Itinerary Service?

The main difference is that I answer your questions and give you ideas with Zoom calls, but you do the note taking yourself. PS: a recording is included if you like one, so can you listen back to the conversation.

These calls are most valuable for confirming already made itineraries, improving them, and getting answers to practical questions. You still have to create the final itinerary based on the information we discussed during our call.

The Personalized Itinerary service includes a fully created itinerary by me based on your interests. I will consider the optimal order of things to visit, considering jet lag, weather, travel times, locations, opening hours, activity level, et cetera. I will also ensure the days are not too full or too empty. And for every activity, I’ll include an alternative so you can be flexible while you’re here. Everything will be delivered into a printable PDF document. And all the practical information you need is added. So it will be easy to experience the different sights and attractions.

Can you also make recommendations for places to eat and/or stay?

I can recommend places to stay and/or eat based on your interests. Both with the Zoom calls and the Personalized Itinerary Service. During a call, it will be more ideas that you can then include in your itinerary, while with the Personalized Itinerary Service, these will be more detailed.

Can you help with travel arrangements getting to and/or from Holland?

I can not book the actual tickets for you. But I’m happy to help search for the optimal travel routes and deals from your home country to Holland. I can also help plan travel to and from Amsterdam and other European destinations. Note this will take a full 30-minute call in itself, or it will count as a separate day to plan for the Personalized Itinerary service.

Can I upgrade after I book a service?

Yes, you can. If you book a Zoom call, I suggest taking the 15-minute upgrade at a reduced rate during checkout. You’ll receive a refund if you don’t use the 15 minutes. So it’s risk-free.

You can also buy extra time within the call at the regular rate if you’d like to extend the conversation (schedules allowing), or we can book a new call.

You can also upgrade to the Personalized Itinerary service if you’ve booked a Zoom call first. You just pay the difference. Perfect if you still feel overwhelmed and/or run out of time finalizing the itinerary yourself.

Are you available as a Private Tour guide?

Yes, I enjoy showing people around in person. You can additionally book me as your tour guide in the following cities: Amsterdam, Amersfoort, Haarlem, and Utrecht. I also offer food tours in Amsterdam, where we’ll sample a range of typical Dutch foods.

If you’re looking for a tour guide elsewhere, please get in touch to discuss possibilities.

Prices depend on the size of your travel party and the tour you choose. To give you an idea: a 1/2 day tour for a party of two in the cities above costs $300, or $150 per person (entrances excluded). For solo travelers, the minimum charge is $250. If you travel with more than two people, discounts are available for each additional person. But note due to local restrictions, I can not accept bookings for parties larger than four people in the city center of Amsterdam.

Do you have any other questions?

Pre-purchase question(s)

If you have any pre-purchase questions before you’re ready to book any of the services above then please contact me via Facebook messenger or use the contact form. I’m glad to answer your questions there. I usually reply within 24 hours.

A quick question

If you have a quick question that doesn’t warrant a 30-minute call, you can also buy me a coffee (tea) via this link and then ask me your question here, make sure to use the same e-mail address in both. For each tea you donate, I will answer one quick question. I will answer you in a video message in return.

From experience, I know that one question often leads to a second, or the question requires more background information. If I can not answer your question quickly, I might still refer you to the 30-minute call with a discount equal to the donation you made. Or I offer you a refund of the donation if you don’t want to book the longer call and the question warrants one.

To give you an idea, asking: “I just need a few accommodation recommendations” is not a quick question. The 30-minute call is excellent for that. Examples of quick questions are, “What is the best transport option between the airport and where I stay?”, “Or where is the nearest supermarket?”, Or “Is this activity worthwhile?”

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