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Personalized Holland Itinerary Planning Service

No time to plan a trip to Holland? You don't have to.

Planning a trip can certainly be fun. It's also very time consuming, right?

You also don't want to make the wrong choices. It's hard to distinguish what is an authentic experience and what is a complete tourist trap if you're new to a place. You don't want to make the wrong choices with the few holiday leave days you have! This is your time. It has to be good. 

The good thing is you don't have to worry about any of that. We can do the heavy lifting for you. And you don't have to spend hours or nights, reading guide books and blogs, doing research (we see that unopened travel guide is staring at you right now).

If you leave the trip planning to us, you certainly won't end up on the wrong tours. Heck, no tours at all if you prefer not to. One thing is for sure; you will definitely "get off the beaten track."

Amsterdam Canal with bike on a bridge

We've had years of experience with trip planning. And we're here to help you plan your perfect trip to Holland. All from a locals perspective, because we live here!

That's our strength. We live only 30-minutes east of Amsterdam, in this beautiful medieval city, called Amersfoort. We spend a ton of time traveling around in our own country, always exploring and discovering new things. We love to share our local knowledge with you!

But what if you're not an itinerary person?

We get it; the word itinerary can sound scary. Are you still on a schedule while you're enjoying your holiday? Isn't it time to relax? And if you prefer to take things easy, we'll make sure your itinerary will be slow-paced.

We'll include must-see suggestions and optional activities — allowing you to decide on the day if you're up for seeing a lot, or to taking it easy. But you know at least those activities that fit best with your tastes and interest. And they are listed in a logical order.

Itineraries can also feel restrictive. Now you suddenly HAVE to do things. Not with ours. We'll always offer options so that you can choose, even for different weather conditions.

The benefit of using an itinerary is that you can use your time more effectively. You're not losing time on unnecessary travel going  from one side of town to the other, and back, not knowing where you are. The other thing about just wandering is that you often miss the best photo spots or hidden gems.

What's included in our Personalized Itinerary Service:

  • A private video call, to learn more about you, the reason(s) why you're traveling, your interests, tastes, budget, and desired travel pace, so we know who we're planning for. We won't send you a standard itinerary. ​Every itinerary is unique and tailored to you.

  • A fully customized and personalized Holland itinerary for up to 5 days. Tailored to your interests and wishes (extra days cost more).

  • A 2nd private video call to discuss the plan we've made and to explain why we choose the activities for you that we choose. It's also a great moment to answer any questions you still have, and if needed, we'll make revisions at no extra cost.
But that's not all, you'll also get these extra's (included in the price):

Extra #1: A THIRD private video call - 15 minutes

If you like, we can hop on one more video call just before you leave to answer any questions that might have come up in between. We want you to go with total peace of mind.


Extra #2: Link to watch our recordings for up to 3 months after our calls 

If you want to re-watch our calls, you can. You will receive a private link to all the recordings. You can replay them as many times as you like up to 3 months after our calls at no extra cost.

What does our Personalized Holland Itinerary Planning Service cost?

All of the above costs only €297*. This includes three 1-1 private video calls, a fully personalized itinerary for up to 5 days. (extra days are €50), plus free revisions if needed. We deliver your travel plan in PDF format. A PDF is easy to print, or you can load it on your phone or tablet for easy access on the go when you're traveling.

What this service is NOT

With our "Itinerary Planning Service," we create a personalized itinerary for Holland just for you. We'll make sure there is flexibility build in accounting for lousy weather, or if you wish to spend more time at another site.

We don't book things, however. But we'll provide you with links (and tips) on how to finalize your bookings. We also do not plan any travel days outside of Holland. We can, however, help to plan your transportation to and from Holland.

If this full planning sounds like too much, we also offer 30-minute trip help calls. We don't plan anything for you then but will get you unstuck with the questions you have.

Are you ready to let us do the travel planning for you?

We're so excited you're ready to take the next step. After you've booked, we'll first get on a video call together at a time that suits you (note booking times are local times in the Netherlands (use Google to convert to your time). In this call, we want to learn who you are and what your interests are, so we can start planning the perfect trip, just for you.

When you click the button below, you can select a date and time for our call, then pay to reserve, and we'll get on a call together. We're already excited to talk to you.

With this full planning service, you'll save a tremendous amount of research time from plan your trip!

Add extra's:

Expedited service: Our standard turn around time for your personalized itinerary is 14 days. If you're in a hurry, we can expedite this to 4 days for a €100 fee. (Click "Add Extra" next screen).

Trips longer than five days: When you're in Holland for more than five days, you can add extra days for us to plan for €50 per additional day on the next screen (Add Extra).

If you don't need the extra options you can immediately click "Continue" on the next screen.

Get an itinerary that fits you. Guaranteed.

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. Get a full refund if you're unhappy with the itinerary we create for you. Promised.