Travel planning

Gerrit at Amsterdam Central Station.

Amsterdam Airport To City Center

Discover how to quickly get from Amsterdam Airport to City Center, choosing between the train, bus, taxi, Uber, shuttle, or rental car.
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Rotterdam Central Station entrance.

Amsterdam to Rotterdam

How far is Rotterdam from Amsterdam? How to travel from Amsterdam to Rotterdam? Let's look at the different options and determine which is best.
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Wheelchair assistance on dutch train.

Amsterdam Wheelchair Friendly?

Practical advice on Amsterdam wheelchair friendly travel. Helpful insights for navigating Amsterdam.
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Plane at the gate in Amsterdam.

Cheap Flights To Amsterdam

Experience the vibrant Dutch capital without breaking the bank – discover our top tips for securing cheap flights to Amsterdam.
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Of Dutch holidays 2023, Kings day is the best known Here people dressed up in orange.

Dutch Holidays 2023

Optimize your Netherlands trip with my comprehensive Dutch Holidays 2023 guide, perfect for planning around events and peak travel times.
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Gerrit Amsterdam Canal bike.

Dutch People Are Rude

Let's challenge the stereotype of "Dutch people are rude", tap into their candid communication style and hidden friendliness πŸ€—.
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How to exchange currency in Amsterdam. Euro banknotes.

Exchange Currency In Amsterdam

Familiarize yourself with currency exchange in Amsterdam to make the most of your money while exploring the city.
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The iconic FEBO automat. Insert coins and pull your snack.

FEBO in Amsterdam

FEBO in Amsterdam is more than just a fast-food outletβ€”it's an experience. Don't miss the iconic Dutch snack wall for a quick, delicious bite. πŸ˜‹
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Hello in Dutch

Visiting the Netherlands? Enrich your Netherlands trip! Master "Hello in Dutch" and other key phrases to connect with locals πŸ’¬ πŸ‡³πŸ‡±.
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Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

International Airports in The Netherlands

Learn about the lesser-known International Airports in The Netherlands, offering alternative travel choices and destinations.
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