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Hoi, I’m Gerrit, your local Dutch guide, sharing hidden gems
and insider knowledge for an authentic Netherlands experience.

Saving Money

The Netherlands can be an expensive place to visit. Here are six of my most popular posts helping you to save money while you visit: city passes, effective money exchange, choosing the correct SIM card, how to tip and more:

Gerrit enjoying Apple Pie in Amsterdam.

I’m glad that you’re here 👋

I’m Gerrit, a Dutch native. I am passionate about showing you the gems of the Netherlands from a local viewpoint.

Inspired by my grandmother’s adventurous spirit, I spent my childhood exploring the country’s nooks and crannies with my brother.

My grandmother, my little brother and myself.

Today, I pretty much still do the same.

Hidden Holland is about real experiences.

Hidden Holland offers a curated collection of Dutch travel tips, from charming canals and windmills to museums and local cuisine, all from a local’s perspective.

Welcome to Hidden Holland – let’s create your perfect adventure together!


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