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Welcome to “Hidden Holland,” your curated go-to guide for a more authentic Netherlands experience.

I’m a Dutch native and am excited to share my knowledge with you as we explore my homeland’s cultural, artistic, and historical sites.

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How My Grandmother Inspired My Wanderlust

My grandmother sparked my love for travel at a young age, taking us (my brother and I) around the country by train every month. And ever since, I’ve extensively explored the Netherlands.

From left to right: my grandmother, myself, my aunt, my mom, and my brother.
Β© From left to right: my grandmother, myself, my aunt, my mom, and my brother.

(Fun fact: she would take us to The Hague Central station, put one of us in front of the map of the country showing all stations, and say: β€œPick where we are going today,” and we did. My brother always selected something familiar and close, while I always picked a new place as far away as possible. Did I see a border station? That’s us!)

Handpicked recommendations

In this blog, you’ll find a handpicked collection of carefully curated recommendations, from the charming canals of Amsterdam to the iconic windmills of the countryside, outstanding museums, to historically significant sites. I’ll also share tips on local cuisine and special events to help you connect more deeply with Dutch culture and lifestyle when you are here.

I understand that your time is valuable, so I’ve taken great care only to include things to do in Holland that are genuinely worth your time, allowing you to immerse yourself in Dutch culture fully. 

This website is designed to give you all the information you need to plan your perfect trip. But if you’re short on time or want to make sure you’re making the most of your stay, I am here to help too.

Enjoy a Locals Perspective

As a local, I have a unique perspective on the best places to visit and the most enjoyable activities to experience. Hidden Holland is designed for travelers passionate about diving into the heart of the country and culture and appreciating lesser-known spots away from crowded tourist areas.

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