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* Hoi = Dutch for Hi

PS: this is my story: “From a critical health scare to celebrating Holland’s charms”.

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Hoi*, I’m Gerrit 👋

Frequently Asked Questions 💬

Can I contact Gerrit about my upcoming trip?

You absolutely can. The e-mail address below is meant for general website-related questions or sharing experiences. But you can book a video call with Gerrit for personal travel advice. You can ask him all your questions about your trip. Example questions are: Where should I stay? What do you think of my itinerary? Which tram must I take to … ? He will also sprinkle in local tips and hidden gems. Together, you’ll plan your perfect trip.

I have a question about a ticket I booked through your site.

Thank you for booking through a link on this website. This helps with the costs of running the website. If you have any questions about a booking, it’s best to contact the ticket provider directly. You’ll find their contact details in the order confirmation.

Can I contribute or write a guest post for

Thank you for being interested. However, currently, Hidden Holland does not accept guest posts.

How can I advertise my brand on

If you’re interested in advertising your product/brand/destination on this website, please get in touch with us at We offer various advertising options that can be tailored to meet your brand’s needs. We will be happy to discuss partnership and sponsorship opportunities with you. Please note we only respond to relevant businesses that have a direct connection to travel to the Netherlands.

Can I send you my product for a product review?

You can. We accept invitations to try/test a product or service by Gerrit and his partner Herman. This could be visiting your attraction, eating at your restaurant, or staying at your accommodation.

We always require the freedom to give our own editorial opinion. Also for paid/sponsored assignments. And we always disclose to our readers that we received a free product and/or payment from a partner if that is the case.

There are two options for you to consider (given your product is a good match for our audience):

Option 1: Paid Sponsored Content for Full Exposure

You’re getting a complete content package with guaranteed deliverables and publishing dates. This can be one or more blog posts, social media shoutouts, or a section in our newsletter. Pricing is reasonable, and depends on your needs, if you have a great product we’d love to bring it to our audience.

Just to clarify, while affiliate offers are great, they don’t cover the time and effort we put into creating unique content. A free product combined with just an affiliate offer is not considered payment and thus does not give access to the above-mentioned package. If you’re unwilling or unable to pay for the package, option 2 below might be a great alternative for you.

Option 2: Free Product in Exchange for a Mention
A free product/service/experience is welcome but not equal to payment (it doesn’t cover any bills 🤷‍♂️) We’ll try to feature your generosity if it aligns with our content plan (and of course only when your product is a great fit for our audience).

Most likely we’ll feature our experience about your product in a broader blog article, possibly together with other competitors. There’s no guarantee about the when or how. It could also be a social media shoutout or a mention in our newsletter. For guaranteed more comprehensive and exclusive exposure, opt for option one (paid).

You can choose which option works best for you. If you would like to get in touch with us, for pricing information, and to have Gerrit and Herman try your product/service, please email us at

How can I support

I appreciate you asking. This is how you can support

1. Share my content with your friends and on social media.
2. Make purchases through the links on this website. It costs you nothing extra, but I may earn a small commission.
3. Consider donating $5, $15, or $25 (or set your amount) by buying me (a) coffee(s). All coffees go to the cost of maintaining this website.

Thank you so much 🤗.

❤️ Gerrit

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