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Bachelor's degree Tourism Management


Netherlands, Amsterdam, Blogging, Planning


  • Bachelor degree in Tourism Management
  • Certified Crambridge English CAE - advanced level (C1)
  • Travel planning coach at Hidden Holland
  • Private Tour Guide at Hidden Holland


Gerrit is the driving force behind Hidden Holland, a destionation blog about the Netherlands—a country he knows like the back of his hand.

Gerrit's love for the Netherlands isn't just something he writes about – it's a part of who he is. Traveling, writing, or just having a chat over coffee, you'll always find him sharing a story or two about his favorite Dutch spots.

Gerrit's explored the country from North to South and East to West. From the beautiful canals of Amsterdam to the historic charm of Maastricht, and everywhere in between. What is most important for him is to show you the real Netherlands, both in Amsterdam and outside.

Wether that's a beautiful canal in Amsterdam away from the crowds, a hidden courtyard, or a painting at the Rijksmuseum you could otherwise pass without noticing.

While many visitors picture the Netherlands as just flat grasslands, windmills, and cows, Gerrit is passionate about showcasing a more realistic image.

He enjoys introducing travelers to the country's forests with stunning fall colors, unique islands which together form another UNESCO World Heritage location in the Netherlands, and yes, there are even some hilly regions.

The Netherlands isn't as flat as you might think!

He has always been to the to go source for family and friends to fine tuning their itineraries, besides crafting his own travel plans and he is excited to share that knowledge now with people at large trough his blog.

And he is just a video call away to help you craft your own.

Gerrit's writing is a unique blend of local insights combined with practical travel advice.

If you want a genuine taste of the Netherlands, Gerrit's articles on Hidden Holland are a great place to start planning your trip.


Gerrit has a degree in Tourism Management and passed the Cambridge English CAE at an advanced level. He's a big fan of continuous learning and often takes new courses. And he enjoys exploring museums to deepen his connection to Dutch history. He tries to visit 2-4 Dutch museums every month.

About Hidden Holland:

Hidden Holland is a local destination travel blog written by a local. It's the dream child of Gerrit. Learn more about his inspiring story "From a critical health scare to celebrating Holland's charms" here .

The blog is dedicated to the best of the Netherlands. Hidden Holland combines both the top attractions with local off the beaten track sights.

With practical articles you'll be empowered to travel with confidence no matter whether you'll stay only in Amsterdam or venture beyond. Handy how to guides, insides in Dutch culture, and destination guides are all there to ensure you'll have a smooth journey.

Hidden Holland reaches over 100,000 readers annually through its content. All content on is fact checked and reviewed by a local editor for accuracy. Every article gets an annual check-up to ensure it's always up-to-date.

Learn more about our editorial process here.

If you want to send Gerrit a quick message, you can contact him here.

Articles written by Gerrit

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