Netherlands Travel Books and Guides

Are you searching for the most reliable and insightful Netherlands Travel Books?

Then, you’ve landed on the right page. I’ve spent years exploring the Netherlands, both as a local and travel guide, offering curated experiences for visitors.

Netherlands travel books on sale in the beautiful church turned bookstore in Maastricht.
Church turned bookstore in Maastricht – © Hidden Holland

My carefully chosen list is divided into six categories:

  1. Guide Books: Comprehensive and practical guides to help you explore every corner of the country.
  2. Hidden Gems: No tourist traps in these books!
  3. Pocket Guides: Quick and easy references for your travels.
  4. Culture Books: Dive deep into the history, traditions, and social customs of the Netherlands.
  5. Maps: Your essential tool for navigating cities and the countryside with ease.
  6. Learn Dutch: If you want to take your language skills to the next level.

1. Netherlands Guide Books

Here is my selection of the most popular Netherlands travel guides. I always love getting myself the Lonely Planet, but I have to admit mainly for their amazing covers 🙂 But I always get something out of them I did not know!

I like DK books too because of their visual 3D maps, which are so detailed and helpful.

Rick Steves is known for his practical advice, and he includes this amazing fun walking tours. Ricks Book is my favorite travel guide for Amsterdam and The Netherlands.

My Favorite Travel Guide
Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands

I love how Rick Steves' guidebooks offer a traveler's perspective. This is my favorite Amsterdam guidebook by far! Rating 4.8/5 on Amazon.

07/23/2024 03:54 pm GMT

A Classic
07/24/2024 09:30 am GMT
A Classic
Lonely Planet Amsterdam

Lonely Planet guides have changed but I still enjoy this book, it's pretty and up to date though it's not as hands-on as Rick Steves'.Rating 4.6/5.

07/24/2024 12:21 am GMT
My Favorite Travel Guide
Rick Steves Amsterdam & the Netherlands

I love how Rick Steves' guidebooks offer a traveler's perspective. This is my favorite Amsterdam guidebook by far! Rating 4.8/5 on Amazon.

07/23/2024 03:54 pm GMT
07/24/2024 09:24 am GMT
07/23/2024 11:21 pm GMT

2. Hidden Gems Guides

Here are my favorite Hidden Gems guidebooks. These are for those who want to get away from the tourist spots. The authors take you around the country far away from the tourist crowds.

07/23/2024 10:18 pm GMT
Hidden Gems
07/23/2024 10:03 pm GMT

3. Pocket Guides

These are not full-sized guidebooks, but they are filled with the highlights. Perfect for those not wanting to have/carry full-sized guidebooks.

The Rick Steves pocket guide contains six detailed walking tours, making it super practical!

4. Culture Books

Here is my selection of books to learn more about the Dutch.

The Undutchable book is hilarious. I have read this book and laughed front to back, it’s all so true. You see two versions below. One available right now, and a completely revised version for available for pre-order and comes out in February 2024.

Plus three amazing art books from Holland’s three most well-known artists: Van Gogh, Vermeer and Rembrandt.

Besides the fun book below, here is also a list of my relevant blog posts:

07/23/2024 05:29 pm GMT
07/24/2024 01:39 am GMT
07/23/2024 05:35 pm GMT
07/23/2024 05:09 pm GMT

5. Netherlands Maps

Sometimes you just want a map in your hands, and not a phone, of one these free maps cluttered with advertisements. Below you find a selection of maps that I like. I like especially the Amsterdam City map that is re-writable for your notes, and then just wipe it!

If you’re going a roadtrip, the spiral bound map (the only one I could find for the Netherlands) can be a lot more practicle then the folded versions, but the fold out is more detailed. Depending on your how you use it, both can be a good choice.

6. Learn Dutch

Overkill maybe for you a trip, because everyone speaks English here. But maybe you’re an expat coming here for work, or you have Dutch heritage, or you just like to learn. Here are two fun books to master Dutch. I like the coloring book in particular.

Here is also my article on how to learn Dutch – Hello in Dutch and 51 other phrases.

07/24/2024 01:36 am GMT
Fun For All Ages
07/23/2024 11:51 pm GMT

Final Thoughts

These listings link to If your country has a local Amazon store, you will be automatically redirected there, for example, Prices are displayed in USD $ here but will vary in local Amazon stores.

I hope this curated selection of Travel Guides, Maps, and Cultural Books will be a helpful addition to my free blog content.

These are books I would use myself, it’s just fun going through them before you leave, and a helpful resource on the road!

If you miss a good book, please let me know in the comments below.

Safe travels, have an amazing time here in the Netherlands!