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Last Updated: May 8, 2024

Gerrit Vandenberg

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Hi, I'm Gerrit

I enjoy sharing useful tips about the beauty of this county.

Do you wonder how to get from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Then this article is written for you. In this article, I go over how to get from Amsterdam to Brussels.

I am a Dutch tour guide, and the one thing I hear people do is combine a visit to The Netherlands with a visit to Belgium. It’s easy to travel from Amsterdam to Belgium.

If you’re wondering how to get from Amsterdam to Bruges, or Amsterdam to Antwerp click the relevant links for my dedicated article.

You have different options on how to get to Brussels from Amsterdam: you can go by train, bus, car or taxi.

Brussels (Brussel in Dutch) is the capital of Belgium, with it’s famous main square, sights like the famous Atomium, and Manneke Pis.

Here is a quick rundown of your travel options to Brussels:

  • By Train: Travel time: 2h50 hours regular train, or 2 hours high-speed train
  • By Coach: This takes 2 hours and 45 minutes hours and can be cheaper.
  • By Car: A car takes around three hours on average, without traffic.
  • By Taxi: Similar travel times as by car, except the driving is done for you.

You can book any of the transportation options from above right here:

Or stick around, and we go over each option individually.

Town hall Grand Place Brussels city center.
Town hall Grand Place Brussels city center.

Understanding Your Options

You have four different options when it comes to how to get from Amsterdam to Brussels: by train, bus, (rental) car, or take a taxi from Amsterdam to Brussels.

For most people one of the most convenient ways to travel is by train. You have a choice between the regular Intercity trains between Amsterdam and Brussels or the High-Speed Eurostar. The Eurostar is much faster, while the intercity train allows you more flexibility.

The Amsterdam to Brussels train journey takes between 2 and 3 hours, depending on the transportation option you choose. All trains are direct, no transfers.

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Prices start from €25 one-way, depending on when you book your tickets to Brussels and the class of travel.

2nd class has the cheapest prices, but will also be busier and have smaller seats. I always recommend the extra charge for first class.

Traveling by coach is a good alternative if costs are a factor. From Amsterdam, Sloterdijk train station, direct buses leave multiple times daily and take less than 3 hours to Brussels. Bus ticket prices from Amsterdam to Brussels are usually half compared to train prices.

Renting a car allows you to move at your own pace and make stops as you wish. If you’re going to sites in the surrounding areas of the countryside, a rental car can be a smart decision. But parking is not easy, and expensive in Brussels.

You can also take a taxi. If you prebook yours prices are reasonable and start from €300 for a taxi ride between Amsterdam and Brussels.

Amsterdam To Brussels Train

Thalys at Amsterdam. You can take it to Antwerp or Brussels and transfer there to Bruges.
Eurostar in Amsterdam, you take it to Antwerp or Brussels – © Hidden Holland

You can take either the Eurostar high-speed train or the IC Brussels to Belgium (Amsterdam to Brussels), Travel time by Eurostar is just under two hours, while the intercity trains (IC Brussels) take just under three hours.

All services are direct from Amsterdam to Brussels and back.

The benefit of the Intercity trains is you can take any departure during the travel day. While Eurostar tickets are train bound.

The first train departs from Amsterdam, leaves at 6:08 a.m., and gets you to Brussels at 8.08 a.m. Trains also stop at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and Rotterdam. The last Brussels to Amsterdam train back is at 18:52 p.m. and arrives at Amsterdam Central Station at 20:52 p.m.

PS: The information above was correct on the last update date at the top of this article, but timetables can change, so check the official railways website. Just enter your travel dates, and you will see actual departure and arrival times and current pricing.

That leaves you with 11 hours of free time in Brussels if you’re planning on taking a day trip.

All trains leave from the Amsterdam Central Station. Brussels has three main train stations. But mosts trains use Brussels South / Midi. It’s in the city center. You can use Google Maps to get around.

You can book your train tickets to Brussels here.

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Traveling by train allows you to enjoy a comfortable ride while looking out the window and watching the Dutch and Belgian countryside pass you.

What I always appreciate about this mode of transport is that I do not have to pay attention to traffic. I can just read. And walk around to stretch my legs.

Plus, enjoy amenities like onboard free WiFi, making your journey more enjoyable.

I always travel 1st class on this journey. It’s relatively quieter, and the seats are wider and a little more comfortable. It’s worth the premium for me.

Tickets start as low as €25 one-way in 2nd class, and the lowest fare is €41 in 1st class. But those are usually only available months in advance.

These early bird fares go quickly. Prices can go up to triple that amount the closer to the departure date you book on popular services.

Intercity direct trains at Rotterdam Central station.
IC Brussels or Thalys to Belgium – Photo: NS

My advice: book your tickets in advance, as much as possible for the best prices and special deals available.

Bookings come with seat reservations The Netherlands and Belgium if you travel on Eurostar. If you travel on IC Brussels, there are no seat reservations. 

You can buy tickets online from Amsterdam to Brussels here from NS International, the official website of the Dutch Railways.

An Amsterdam to Brussels day trip by train is possible and relatively easy.

Amsterdam to Brussels Bus

There are several direct long-distance buses from Amsterdam to Brussels. These are all operated by Flixbus.

The bus leaves from Amsterdam Sloterdijk railway station. So you do need to go there first. The bus trip takes under three hours with two stops, in Rotterdam and Antwerp—however, there is no need to transfer.

If you take the first bus at 8:00 a.m., you get to Brussels just fore 11 a.m.

But there are many other departures to choose from.

Traveling by coach compared to train does save you money. Ticket prices are usually half. You can buy a ticket for the bus from Amsterdam to Brussels here (and look at the journey planner).

Amsterdam to Brussels by Car

It’s easy to travel from Amsterdam to Brussels by car. You have two options, first, you travel south (A2 > A27) to Antwerp and once in Belgium you keep following the E19 until Brussels.

Renting a car in The Netherlands is straightforward. But I do have some tips.

First, I would not recommend renting from a location in Amsterdam City Center. I would travel to the airport instead by train and pick up my car there.

Traffic in Amsterdam is chaotic and slow. You don’t want to be involved in an accident within the first minutes of your rental or stuck on a small one-way street behind a garbage truck.

You can access the motorway from the airport immediately, making the journey much less stressful.

Be prepared for chaotic driving once inside Brussels, and parking is expensive.

Find the lowest price for Car rental in the Netherlands

For the best car rental rates, I suggest checking both Rental Cars and Discover Cars. I often go with Rental Cars, but it’s worth comparing both.

Taxi Amsterdam to Brussels

Book a Netherlands Taxi in Advance.
Taking a taxi to Brussels.

Taking a taxi can be an excellent way of travelling to Brussels, without having to be on a train with other people or having to drive yourself.

If you book in advance prices are reasonable starting at €300 for a one-way. You can book your taxi between Amsterdam and Brussels here.

Flying from Amsterdam to Brussels

Plane at the gate in Amsterdam.
Gorgeous view in Bruges, Belgium.

There are direct flights between Amsterdam and Brussels. But if you take into account travel times to and from the airports, check-in times, waiting at security et cetera it makes absolutely no sense to book a flight on this route.

It will be more expensive than any of the travel options above, and it will take more time.

Frequently Asked Questions Amsterdam to Bruges

What is the fastest way to get from Amsterdam to Brussels?

The fastest way is with the Eurostar high-speed train, which takes around 2 hours. The car takes about an hour longer (if you don’t hit traffic, otherwise more).

Are there direct trains from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Yes, most trains between Amsterdam and Brussels are direct, without a transfer.

Is there an airport in Brussels?

The main airport of Brussels is Zaventem. It’s easiest to travel there by train from The Netherlands, not by plane (although it is possible). The secondary Brussels Airport is Charleroi for low budget airline Ryanair. There are no connections to this airport from The Netherlands.

Is it cheaper to travel by bus or train from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Bus travel is generally cheaper than train travel but take longer and is less convenient than traveling by train.

Where can I buy train tickets from Amsterdam to Brussels?

I recommend booking your tickets with the Dutch Railways on their website. The earlier you book, the cheaper tickets will be. I recommend booking first-class tickets for this journey. It will be relatively quieter, and you have a more comfortable seat.

Can I take a day trip from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Yes, an Amsterdam to Brussels day trip is quite doable. It will be a long day. Consider the travel time, which will be 2-3 hours each way. I recommended staying overnight in Brussels to enjoy Bruges fully.

Are there guided tours from Amsterdam to Brussels?

Several tour operators offer day trips or multi-day tours from Amsterdam to Bruges. I recommend this Brussels Day tour.

Is Brussels worth visiting if I’m staying in Amsterdam?

Hmm! Honestly, if you ask my personal option I would travel to Antwerp, Ghent, or Bruges instead. All of these cities are more beautiful and more geared towards tourists. Brussels has a few nice spots in between a whole lot of ugly.

What is the best way to travel from Amsterdam to Brussels?

The train is the best way to get from Amsterdam to Brussels for most visitors since it’s the quickest way. You can find schedules and train prices here.

How Far is Bruges from Amsterdam?

The distance to Bruges from Amsterdam is 213 kilometers / 132 miles. You can cover this distance in 2 hours by train, or 3 hours by car. Buses usually take the same time, about 3 hours.


Close up from Atomium in Brussels.
Close up from Atomium in Brussels.

Whether you choose the convenience of a taxi, the train, a cheaper coach service, or the freedom of a rented car, your journey from Amsterdam to Brussels will fit with your travel preference.

Safe travels!

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Gerrit shares his love for the Netherlands from his home near Amsterdam, helping thousands plan unforgettable trips to the lowlands. Discover his inspiring journey "From a critical health scare to celebrating Holland's charms". If you want to send Gerrit a quick message, you can contact him here.