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Last Updated: December 1, 2023

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Is the Go City Amsterdam Pass worth your money on a trip to Amsterdam?

You found the right article because that’s precisely the question I’ll answer here (which, by the way, is yes, but…) Keep reading to learn if it’s also for you. 

I’m a Dutch local and private guide. And I explore Amsterdam all the time. When Go City offered me two free two-day Go City Pass Amsterdam All-Inclusive Passes, I immediately accepted the offer. Being a full-fledged tourist at home for two days sounded like a lot of fun!

I had one condition: my review would be honest and my opinion only, with no editing by Go City or required content. If things were not good, I would mention them. 

They agreed. 

Brave souls, because I’m Dutch, we’re known for being direct and not sugar-coating. 

I was super curious about the card. It’s a new offer on the market and the first real “I amsterdam Card competitor.” The unchallenged king of “Amsterdam city passes” on the market for years.

But is Go City Amsterdam a competitor at all? Was the Go City pass any good? I was about to find out.

I used the pass on the 11th and 12th of August, 2023.

I loved the experience. I had so much fun and saved much money compared to the card’s purchase price and regular entrance fees!

There are also a few areas for improvement. I’ll get to both of them later in the article. Like I said, no sugar-coating.

Is the Go City Amsterdam card truly a game-changer for travelers?

The Go City Pass Amsterdam is a very different product from the I amsterdam Card. Sure, there is overlap, but I see the city passes more as complementing products.

I would make the case to get both if you have the time. The main difference is that Go City focuses on popular attractions, while Amsterdam concentrates more on Museums.

You might also enjoy my article: 9 ways to save money in Amsterdam.

PS: many people search for Go City Discount Codes because they used to be available everywhere. But Go City stopped doing that.

Get Your Card

Go City Amsterdam Pass on a mobile phone.


Go City Amsterdam Pass

From €64

✔ Free Entry Heineken, ADAM tower, Cruise
✔ Cocktail At Bols, This is Holland + more
✔ Free Half-Day Tours to Zaanse Schans

𝗫 Van Gogh not included (see solution below)
𝗫 Not many museums besides Rijks & Moco
𝗫 No public transport included (a bike is)

I recommend buying a multi-day card. Per-day prices become much cheaper, and you don’t have to rush that much.

Get It

Are you looking for I amsterdam Card information? Here is my article: “Is The Amsterdam Card Worth It In 2023?

If you have to choose, the Go City pass that I discuss in this article is the best if you’re looking to visit the main Amsterdam attractions plus maybe optional one or two museums like the famous Rijks or Moco museum.

Go City is a true sightseeing pass. The card easily gets your money’s worth even without visiting any museum. 

Are you planning a trip filled with Amsterdam museums? Then the “I amsterdam Card” is your card because so many more museums are included in that card.

The downside of that card is the list of attractions that are not museums is thin. But they do have Artis Zoo, they include public transport, and you can choose between canal cruise operators.

PS: There is a lot of outdated information on the web! “I amsterdam Card” lost attractions over the years. I still see blog posts ranking high that say Van Gogh or the A’DAM Lookout are included in the “I Amsterdam Card.”

Once they were, years ago, but today, they’re NOT any longer.

The Van Gogh Museum is not included in either pass. The A’DAM Lookout is exclusively available in the Go City Pass until December 31st, 2023, after that date, the tower will be removed from the Go City Pass as well. 

PS: Here is a quick pros and cons list:


  • Free access to over 35 popular attractions and tours.
  • Reduced kids pricing (age 3-12) – not available with I amsterdam.
  • Immediately download the passes to your phone
  • The Heineken Experience and Daytrip Tours are exclusive to Go City
  • The Rijksmuseum is included.
  • Great if you want to check many things to do in Amsterdam from your list.


  • Not valid for Van Gogh or Anne Frank House (same with I amsterdam Card).
  • It does not include Public transportation.
  • Fewer museums are included than in Amsterdam, but that’s also their selling point. Their focus is on attractions.

When you’re in a hurry, you can purchase the card directly from Go City here >>

Continue reading to learn more about the Go City Pass in Amsterdam.

We visited the Zaanse Schans Windmills with our Go City Amsterdam pass.
Visit the Zaanse Schans with Go City Pass – Photo © Hidden Holland

Difference between the Go City Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass and Explorer Pass

Let’s start with the basics. The Go City Amsterdam pass comes in two forms: the All-Inclusive Pass and the Explorer Pass.

What sets them apart?

Go City Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass

As the name suggests, this pass offers access to all of Amsterdam’s attractions and tours that are part of the program. That’s 35+ attractions in the city (and tours), and I’ll list them all below. The Go City all-inclusive pass Amsterdam is time-based, meaning you purchase it for a set number of calendar days (2, 3, or 5.)

During this period, you can visit as many attractions as you want! It’s perfect for those who want to see as much as possible within a limited timeframe.

The all-inclusive pass works pretty much as advertised, but be aware any attraction can only be visited once. It’s a great option if you want to visit many things to see in Amsterdam. That is also what I did. I used a 2-day Go City All-Inclusive pass.

Go City Amsterdam Explorer Pass

This pass operates a bit differently. Instead of being time-bound, it’s attraction-bound. The pass allows a limited number of options. You can choose a set number of attractions (3, 4, 5, 6, or 7) you wish to visit.

There’s no rush; you have a full 60 days from the first use to visit your chosen attractions with the Explorer Pass. It’s ideal for travelers who prefer a more relaxed pace or those staying in Amsterdam for an extended period.

You don’t have to choose the attraction when you book the card. You only need to decide how many you want. You can choose later which ones to go to. But if the attractions require a timeslot, book one before they fill up.

Which Pass Is Right For You When Visiting Amsterdam?

The dreaded answer: it depends. I loved the all-inclusive pass. It allowed me to fill my day with super fun Amsterdam attractions without worrying about costs.

I maximized its use, but I was also exhausted after these two days. The Explorer Pass is an excellent alternative if you have more time in the city and want to experience a few experiences on the card at your own pace.

What I like is the fact you have a choice with Go City. The “I amsterdam Card” doesn’t offer a similar alternative.

How much does the Go City Pass cost in 2023?

Our free ticket for ADAM Lookout Tower – Photo © Hidden Holland

So what do the Go City Passes cost? The Go City Amsterdam card offers two types of passes, each with its pricing structure. Here’s a breakdown (prices 2023):

Go City Amsterdam All-Inclusive Pass:

  • 2 Days: €94 for adults (€47 per day), €49 for children (€24.50 per day)
  • 3 Days: €109 for adults (€36.33 per day), €69 for children (€23 per day)
  • 5 Days: €139 for adults (€27.80 per day), €109 for children (€21.80 per day)

My thoughts: The Go City All-Inclusive Pass Amsterdam offers a diverse mix of attractions, making it easy to fill 2-3 days.

For most people, the 2- or 3-day Amsterdam Go City All-Inclusive Pass is best. Two, if you don’t like museums and don’t like bus tours. Three if you want to include one or more museums and a tour.

The 5-day card is a steal, but you must book more than one tour to fill all days! 

Go City Amsterdam Explorer Pass:

The price of the Explorer Pass varies depending on the number of attractions you choose:

  • 3 Choices: €64 for adults (€21.33 per attraction), €44 for children (€14.67 per attraction)
  • 4 Choices: €79 for adults (€19.75 per attraction), €54 for children (€14.50 per attraction)
  • 5 Choices: €94 for adults (€18.80 per attraction), €64 for children (€12.80 per attraction)
  • 6 Choices: €109 for adults (€18.17 per attraction), €74 for children (€12.33 per attraction)
  • 7 Choices: €139 for adults (€19.86 per attraction), €79 for children (€11.29 per attraction)

PS: The more choices you include, the lower the price, except for the 7-choice option, which is weird. Until Go City solves that, I would only opt for the 4, 5, or 6 option pass since you pay relatively less daily.

PS: Prices can change. Here are the most current Go City Pass Amsterdam prices.

Are there discounts for the Go City Amsterdam Card for children, students, or seniors 65+?

Special children’s prices are available, unique to the Go City pass. But this also reflects that not all experiences are available to them (Tour de BonTon, House of Bols Experience and the Heineken Experience, for example, are adult-only attractions.)

A lower price is only fair. However, “I amsterdam” doesn’t offer this, so it’s a nice extra of Go City to provide it! There is enough in the card to keep the whole family entertained.

There are no senior discounts for the card or most attractions directly at the door. You will still save money, regardless.

A Note On The Listed Ticket Values By Go City

The listed ticket value prices on the Go City website are (of course) the highest they can list (the at-the-door prices), but in reality, most admission prices are lower when booked online.

For calculating the actual savings, I use the online prices below. I also noticed some errors on the Go City pass website. I corrected them in my list below. So you know exactly how much you’re saving.

What is included in the Amsterdam Go City Pass?

My visit to the Heineken Experience with Go City Amsterdam.
Back in time at the Heineken Experience – Photo © Hidden Holland

The Go City Pass promises a treasure trove of Amsterdam experiences, but what exactly does it unlock? 

A lot. Iconic attractions and landmarks. Fun entertainment and classic tours. But yes, there are also a few “tourist traps” that you can easily skip (I’ll tell you).

The pass offers a list of attractions that truly capture the essence of this city. Curious to know what’s on the list? Let’s dive in:


  • Amsterdam Canal Cruise
    Normal ticket value: €19.50 (online €16.00)
  • Ferry to Muiderslot Castle
    Normal ticket value: €13.50
  • Macbike Bike Rental 24 Hours
    Normal ticket value: €16.50 (online: €14.85)
  • Pedal Boat Amsterdam
    Normal ticket value: €27.50 


  • AMAZE – An immersive experience by ID&T
    Normal ticket value: €26.95
  • Amsterdam Dungeon
    Normal ticket value: €26.00 (online: €23.00)
  • Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot
    Normal ticket value: €17.50
  • Heineken Tour – 3 free beers included
    Normal ticket value: €23.00
  • House of Bols – Complimentary cocktail
    Normal ticket value: €17.50
  • Madame Tussauds Amsterdam
    Normal ticket value: €26.00 (online: €23.00)
  • Rembrandts Experience
    Normal ticket value: €14.50
    Normal ticket value: €26.00 (online: €23.00)
  • Zaanse Schans Card
    Normal ticket value: €29.50
  • A’DAM LOOKOUT (removed from the pass since 1/1/2024)


  • RTXP Amsterdam
    Normal ticket value: €14.50
  • Houseboat Museum 
    Normal ticket value: €5.00
    TIP: Go on your own, and don’t waste you’re card value on a low-priced activity
  • Jewish Cultural Quarter
    Normal ticket value: €17.00
  • Maritime Museum Amsterdam
    Normal ticket value: €17.50
  • Moco Museum – Banksy & More
    Normal ticket value: €21.95
  • Our House Museum – Including a Free Drink
    Normal ticket value: €22.95
  • Pipe Museum
    Normal ticket value: €12.50
  • Rembrandthuis Museum
    Normal ticket value: €17.50
  • Rijksmuseum
    Normal ticket value: €22.50
  • Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
    Normal ticket value: €22.50
  • Tulip Museum
    Normal ticket value: €5.00
    TIP: Go on your own, and don’t waste your card value on a low-priced activity
    Note: this is primarily a store.

City Tours:

Diamond Museum Amsterdam
Normal ticket value: €12.50
Together with the Royal Experience, a set up for you to buy expensive diamonds.

Introduction Walking Tour – Hello Amsterdam (Mo, We, Fr, Sa only)
Normal ticket value: €25 

Self-Guided Foodie Tour De Jordaan (fun!)
Normal ticket value: €12.50 (food not included, but discounted)

Royal Experience – Royal Coster Diamonds
Normal ticket value: €14.00
Together with the Diamond Museum, a set up for you to buy expensive diamonds.

The Life of Anne Frank & Neighbourhood Tour
Normal ticket value: €32.50

The Murder by Dam Square
Normal ticket value: €19.00

Tour de BonTon
Normal ticket value: €21.00 (online: €19.95

Amsterdam Light Festival Cruise (seasonal)
Normal ticket value: €26.50 (food not included, but discounted)

Tours Outside of Amsterdam:

Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague Live Guided Tour
Normal ticket value: €59.50

Volendam, Edam & Windmills Bus Excursion
Normal ticket value: €44.50

Zaanse Schans Bus Excursion
Normal ticket value: €29.50

Luxury Cruise on the Gouwzee Lake (Volendam and Marken) with a drink
Normal ticket value: €18.50

Guided Tour to Keukenhof Gardens and Tulip Experience (spring only)
Normal ticket value: €74.50

The Go City Pass is extremely valuable and reliable for many attractions in Amsterdam. The four bus tours are also a fun experience. Plan time for them if you’re interested.

I went on one of them (the Windmill Bus Excursion). It was well-run and organized, and the Go City card was readily accepted. Femke was a fantastic tour guide.

Exclusive to the Go City pass, the Keukenhof skip-the-line entry and coach transfers (normal ticket value: €42.50) or a guided tour to Keukenhof Gardens & Tulip Experience (normal ticket value: €74.50) are included in the pass.

This bonus half-day tour will come back as a free offer in spring 2024 once the Keukenhof re-opens again—something “I Amsterdam” does NOT offer. Yeah, Go City!

This bonus makes the card a no-brainer.

Tulips season in the Keukenhof runs from March 21 until May 12, 2024.

My Itinerary: This Is How I Used The Card

I enjoyed a wonderful warm stroopwafel at the Zaanse Schans on my tour with Go City.
Warm stroopwafel at Zaanse Schans – Photo: © Hidden Holland

Navigating Amsterdam with the Go City Pass in hand was a joy! Below are the choices I made. From a canal cruise to flying over the Netherlands to cocktail sipping, my itinerary was a combination of must-sees and some enjoyable surprises.

If you’re wondering how to maximize the potential of the Go City Pass, or you’re simply curious about my choices, read on! 


  • 10:30 This is Holland – €26.00 (online: €23.00) > time slot required
    I love this ride! It’s a 5D flight over Holland. It’s a fantastic introduction to the country.
  • 11:30 RTXP – €14.50 > no time slot required
    My RTXP review is that this was a surprise. The RTXP experience was fun. All paintings are reproductions of world-famous paintings like the Mona Lisa, a Van Gogh self-portrait, and many more. Very talented modern artists made them. The museum was playful, and there was a lot to discover inside.
  • 13:30 Lunch (PS I went for the best Hummus in the city, Sir Hummus in de Pijp, not included in the card)
  • 14:30 Zaanse Schans Tour – €29.50 > advance booking required
    Touristy with a capital letter T. But fun? I have to admit to it. It was a great blend of a guided tour and free time. Here is my full Zaanse Schans post.
  • 19:00 A’dam Lookout Viewing Tower – €16.50 (online: €14.50) > no time slot required, but the pass is only valid here until 12/31/2023.
    Beautiful views over Amsterdam and the surroundings. Can you spot Schiphol Airport?
  • 20:30 Stromma Boat Tour – No slot needed – €19.50 (online: €16.50) > no time slot required
    Not the company I would choose if given a choice, but it’s super convenient, and the views are always pretty!

Day 2

  • 09:00 24-hour Bicycle MacBike rental from their Central Station location – €16.50 (online: €14.85)  > no time slot required
    I would not pay for this. A public transport pass is cheaper, but since it was included, it was fun. Not much comfort, though.
  • 10:00 Breakfast at Oeuf in de Pijp, not included, but excellent (I had the Croque Madam with Spanish Iberico ham)  
  • 11:00 Rembrandt Experience – €14.50 > no time slot required
    This was a surprisingly fun attraction going inside Rembrandt’s world. It’s a cool 30-minute spend.
  • 12:00 Heineken – €23 > time slot required
    Okay, I have mixed feelings. If you love Heineken, you’ll love this experience, if not only for the three free beers you get. I thought the museum part was a little thin.

    Learning about the brewing process with the Heineken experience doesn’t go very deep, but the copper pots, wow! Amazing. Otherwise, it’s mainly Heineken advertising, but again, if you’re a fan, that is actually fun.
  • 14:30 Madame Tussauds Amsterdam – €26.00 (online: €23.00) > time slot required
    I thought I would not enjoy this, watching wax life-sized figures in a World Heritage-listed city. But I, surprisingly, had fun. I loved that they created settings to get a picture with your favorite Hollywood star at a cocktail party, for example. And they’re all SO real.
  • 16:00 House of Bols Experience – €17.50 > no time slot required
    This was fun! I had no idea what to expect, but the experience offered a great introduction to the brewing process of gin and the company’s history, and the highlight was, for sure, the free cocktail at the end. It was served in a proper cocktail bar with a bartender, and the menu was extensive. I want to go back.

Spend (online prices):

Day 1: €98
Day 2: €92.85

Total: €190.85 without the pass (online prices), while the card costs only €94 (often available for less), so their claim to save up to 50 % is accurate. We saved more!

And as you can see in our timetable, it was a straightforward schedule. I was tired from all the impressions of the many top attractions in Amsterdam I experienced, but time-wise, it was all at a relaxing pace.

And if I wanted, I could have squeezed in one more attraction on Day 2. But I was content and ready to call it a day.

As you can see, I did not use any of the museum options available and still had a fantastic two days out in Amsterdam.

That is the difference with the I amsterdam Card. You need to be into museums to get your money’s worth with that card (if you are, it’s a great card, then hop over to my I amsterdam Card article). They have a unique list of other attractions Go City does not offer.

Like I said before, if you have the time, I would buy both passes to get the most out of Amsterdam.

This Is How The Go City Pass Works 

Go City Pass Digitally stored in the app.
Go City Amsterdam pass in the app – Photo © Hidden Holland

Using your Go City pass is straightforward, except for the tour booking process. Scanning the passes at each attraction was a breeze. It’s a convenient pass if you want to visit the city without breaking the bank. It’s a great way to discover Amsterdam.

Purchasing and Receiving the Pass

This part is easy. Buy the Go City pass of your choice.

Once done, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the Go City app, installing it on your phone, and transferring the digital passes to the app.

You do this by opening the email on your phone and clicking the link, and it’s done.

If you don’t have a smartphone or prefer a paper ticket, you can download the tickets as a PDF and print your pass.

If a slot reservation is needed, you can do so on the website on your computer. A link is provided in your confirmation email. 

One question I had that was not answered in the confirmation e-mail was: “Does each pass holder need to download his/her/its app, or could all passes be loaded to one phone, one app?”

Both were possible, but I was momentarily unsure what to do. Go City can certainly clarify this better.

Using The Go City App

Practical information in the Go City Pass app.
Practical information in the Go City app – Photo © Hidden Holland

The pass also has a free app, and I loved using it. It was so simple getting the tickets into it and opening them to show at the attractions.

There was also an easy “Discover” function to find things to do with the card. Once clicked, it showed detailed information about the location and direct links to book a time slot if needed.

You can create a favorites list to make it easier once you’re on the road. I found this handy myself.

Another helpful feature is the option to copy the pass number with a click of the copy icon. No typing your pass number when booking time slots. You could copy and paste.

A few things that might confuse you (It did confuse me for a moment):

  1. The expiry date that is shown. Don’t count yourself lucky to see it two years in the future. Your card is valid for the consecutive days you purchased but must be used no later than the date shown. In other words, the final day of the card must be used before that date two years in the future. I think it’s great they’re so flexible. Sometimes, plans change.

    PS: A refund is only possible up to 90 days after the purchase date.
  2. The purse value. This seems such a random amount. It means your “All-Inclusive” is formally not all-inclusive since you can not spend more at (at-the-door prices) than that amount.

    However, it’s so high I don’t understand it’s there. You can never reach it. Just ignore it. But it isn’t apparent. I get it.
It's essential to have enough Data on your phone while using apps during your stay in Amsterdam. (International) plans from home can be expensive. Getting a local SIM card often saves you a lot of money. Learn more in my Best Amsterdam Sim Card article how to do just that!

Activation and Using the Pass

This part is simple. When you use your pass at the first attraction, it gets activated automatically. No specific action is needed from your side.

From that point, depending on the type of pass you’ve chosen, you have a set number of consecutive days or attractions to explore. Just show your pass at the entrance, and voilà, you’re in!

I downloaded both passes in one app, so I only needed to open one phone at the venue. I just swiped my screen to get to the next pass.

Booking Time slots / Make Reservations

Booking a time slot was easy. But one important thing to know is to follow the direct booking link from the Go City app or website.

For example, I spent 10 minutes on the Heineken website trying to find the option to reserve two free tickets, but I could not find them. It was my fault.

I went directly to the Heineken website. Once I used the link provided in the app, it was all arranged in minutes. 

Most attractions can be reserved close to the travel date, but some sell out quickly. I wanted to go on the Anne Frank walking tour, already sold out two weeks ago.

The Rijks can also sell out in advance in busy periods or popular exhibitions. On the other hand, I could book a time slot for Madame Tussaud’s on the same day.

However, your Amsterdam vacation is likely not something you want to gamble with. So leave your lucky charms at home and make your time slot reservations well in advance to avoid disappointment.

PS: you can only book time slots after you purchase your passes (you need the pass number(s).)

Don’t worry. In the unlikely event that your chosen options are unavailable and you want to cancel your pass altogether, you can easily do so, and you’ll get a full refund.

Booking Tours

Okay, now here was a little hiccup. So far, so good, and I fell in love with the card until I got to the booking of a tour part of it all. 

I wanted to book the Windmill tour. The app instructions stated to e-mail the provider for reservations.

I thought that was cumbersome and time delaying, like why, in 2023, can’t we go to a website, check real-time availability, book, and move on with our day? Something possible with the attractions side of the card.

Ironically, after emailing the company, I received a reply requesting to book online and use a discount code instead.

Exactly what I was expecting the first time around. So that email was a waste of time. Here as a reader of this blog, I have the privilege to provide you with the correct booking instructions (until Go City updates the app):

  1. Go to the website: www.tourcompany.nl
  2. Choose the tour you wish to join with your Go City Pass, and click the ‘Book now button.’
    o   Rotterdam, Delft & The Hague Live Guided Tour
    o   Volendam, Edam & Windmills Full Day Tour
    o   Zaanse Schans Windmills Half Day Tour
    o   Anne Frank Walking Tour
  3. Select the date and time you wish to join and the number of people. (if the date is unavailable, the tour is full)
  4. Use the discount code GoCity23
  5. Fill in the guest details using the email address you booked your passes with, and you’re all set to join the tour!

It was a minor inconvenience, but smooth sailing once I secured my spot. And the tour as two Dutchmen on the most touristy tour of them all was just fun.

And I learned a thing or two from our knowledgeable tour guide, who was also excited she had two locals onboard and announced the fact with surprise to the group.

And to be fair, despite my critical remarks about this part (booking tours) of the City Pass, I still have a crush on the card. It was just a great experience overall.

I’m even inclined to buy it myself in other cities with the Go City pass. They have super fun selections everywhere. I think Paris is the one next on my list.

Tips For How To Get The Most Out Of Your Card

My free cocktail at the Bols Experience that was included with the Go City Pass Amsterdam.
Free cocktail at the House of Bols – Photo © Hidden Holland

Navigating Amsterdam with the Go City Pass will be even easier with some helpful tips:

Start by clustering your visits. For example, many attractions center around areas like Museumplein or Central Station.

Central Station: This is Holland, A’dam Lookout Tower (until 12/31/23), Mac Bike Rental, the Canal Cruise, and all tours are conveniently close to the station.

Museumplein: Rijksmuseum, MOCO, House of Bols, the Rembrandt Experience, the Heineken Experience, and RTXP are also close.

Don’t overlook the 24-hour free bike rental with MacBike. It’s not just an authentic Amsterdam experience but also a strategic way to cover more ground efficiently, especially since this pass does not include public transportation.

However, if you’re unsure, cycling in Amsterdam is not for the inexperienced. Just get a GVB day ticket here and take the tram and metro to get around.

Check the operating hours and any special events. Do those things that close the earliest first. The A’dam Lookout Tower(until 12/31/2023), the Canal Cruise, This is Holland, and House of Bols can often be done in the evening. This way, you can get more out of your pass

Go City Pass Amsterdam Reviews

Here is a review from Victoria (Great Britain):

“We found that GoCity offered a range of experiences that suited all members of the family. From organised tours, museums and a boat trip to more adrenaline prompting activities such as the this is Holland 5d flight simulator, the dizzy view from Adam Tower and experiences including the Amsterdam Dungeons and Madam Toussards. We would definitely consider a goCity card in another city if the available attractions suited us. NB: there is no local transport included with this but walking around was part of the adventure!”

Date of experience: October 27, 2023

Or here is another from Roland, Austria:

“Lots of good attractions in Amsterdam available with GoCity Pass.
Super price for what we got, we saved more than 50€.
However, it would have been nice if the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam had been included”

Date of experience: October 20, 2023

I had the same experience and feelings when I used the card myself.

It offers incredible value for money, but I agree with the Go City Pass Amsterdam review from Roland that a museum like the Van Gogh should be included, but the Van Gogh is also not part of the “I Amsterdam Card.”

I think it’s the Van Gogh Museum itself blocking it because they’re too popular already.

Victoria is correct in her Go City Amsterdam review that transportation is not included with the Go City Pass. Still, thankfully, you can buy an Amsterdam Public Transportation Pass separately for less than €10.

If you want to read more Go City Pass Reviews, you can do so on the TrustPilot Review site (you can filter for Amsterdam if you like).

Limitations of the Go City Pass

Taking a bus tour to the Zaanse Schans with the Amsterdam Go City Pass.
Bus tour ticket to the Zaanse Schans – Photo © Hidden Holland

Every travel tool has its strengths and weaknesses, and this pass is no exception. I told you I would be Dutch. Things to know before you go:

  • Booking Tours: It’s not always as straightforward as one would hope. But the tours to the Windmills, Volendam, the Rotterdam/Delft/The Hague, and the Anne Frank Walking tour are easy to book.
  • Iconic Attractions: Notably, the Anne Frank House and tickets for the Van Gogh aren’t on the list. These are iconic spots many travelers wish to visit.
  • Boat Cruise Choices: The pass ties you to a single operator, limiting your options for this Amsterdam experience.
  • One-time Visits; Despite its “all-inclusive” label, each attraction is a one-time deal. No repeat visits, even if you fall in love with a place. I wanted to go back on This is Holland, but nope.
  • Public Transportation: The card doesn’t cover public transport, which can add extra costs to your “all-inclusive day” however, you can buy a transit pass for only €9, so it’s not a dealbreaker.
  • This Pass is per calendar day, not 24-hours periods. This is a difference with the I amsterdam. With I amsterdam you can squeeze in a “extra day” by entering an attraction the day after before it’s exipry time, you can’t do that with Go City.

Differences with the I amsterdam Card

RTXP a fun museum that was surprise discovery with the Go City Amsterdam pass.
Me at RTXP, a surprise discovery – Photo © Hidden Holland

The Amsterdam Go City Pass and the I amsterdam Card cater to slightly different travel styles of how people like to explore the city of Amsterdam. Here is a full extensive review of the I amsterdam Card and links to purchase one. A quick comparison:

  • Attraction Focus: The Go City Pass leans more towards popular attractions, Like Amsterdam’s most popular attractions, such as the Heineken Experience. The I amsterdam Card focuses more on museums in Amsterdam and surrounding towns.
  • Public Transport: I amsterdam has public transportation in the city. Go City does not. However, you can easily complement the Go City Pass with a separate GVB ticket for city transit.
  • Museum Count: If museums are your jam, the I amsterdam Card might be more up your alley. It offers access to a broader range of cultural spots.
  • Cruises: While both cards offer a canal cruise, the Go City Pass has fewer options. The difference in quality and experience is minimal so it doesn’t really matter.

Which card is right for you depends; sometimes, it could be both!

Is the Pass valid for the Van Gogh Museum Amsterdam?

Unfortunately, the Van Gogh Museum is not part of the Go City offerings. This museum is not included with any real tourist pass. You can buy your Van Gogh Museum Ticket here separately.

Is the Go City Card accepted at the Anne Frank House?

No, the Anne Frank House is not included in this Pass. You can only buy your tickets directly at the museum. They never work with outside ticket providers.

Does the Pass offer free public transportation around Amsterdam?

The pass does not include public transport. Consider purchasing a separate GVB public transportation ticket for city transit.

Is the Go City Amsterdam Pass worth it?

For most people, the answer is a resounding Yes. But it all depends on your travel style and interests. The Go City Pass offers excellent value when you enjoy various attractions and experiences. The I amsterdam City card is better when you’re a museum person, they have less attractions, but more museums.


The Go City Card is a practical tool for those exploring Amsterdam’s attractions. If the list of attractions includes attractions you’d love to experience, it’s a steal and is a way to save money on your trip!

I recommend a 2- or 3-day pass, giving you access to a range of experiences without feeling rushed. For those staying longer, consider pairing it with the I amsterdam Card, especially if you enjoy museums too.

Locations like the Hermitage Amsterdam (now called the H’ART Museum), Our Lord on the Attic (a highlight), the Canal House Museum, the Van Loon Museum, and the Willet Holthuysen Museum are only accessible with that card (or single tickets).

However, if museums aren’t your thing, and you have more days in Amsterdam, then I recommend the Go City All-Inclusive 5-day pass. Its cost-effectiveness means you can spread out your visits, making each day leisurely and enjoyable. Or go for the Explorer pass.

In essence, the right pass can make your Amsterdam experience a lot better (and more affordable), but it’s all about aligning it with your interests and duration of stay.

PS: I only recommend the Go City Explorer pass if you’re spreading your activities out over a longer period or when you only want to make a few choices and not on the same day.

Ready to Purchase the Go City Amsterdam Pass? You can do so here. >>

Get Your Card

Go City Amsterdam Pass on a mobile phone.


Go City Amsterdam Pass

From €64

✔ Free Entry Heineken, ADAM tower, Cruise
✔ Cocktail At Bols, This is Holland + more
✔ Free Half-Day Tours to Zaanse Schans

𝗫 Van Gogh not included (see solution below)
𝗫 Not many museums besides Rijks & Moco
𝗫 No public transport included (a bike is)

I recommend buying a multi-day card. Per-day prices become much cheaper, and you don’t have to rush that much.

Get It

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    Also, if we book ahead is the discount name now GoCity24?

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