Amsterdam Taxi Tips For 2024

Last Updated: May 3, 2024

Gerrit Vandenberg

Gerrit shares his love for the Netherlands from his home near Amsterdam, helping thousands plan unforgettable trips to the lowlands. Discover his inspiring journey "From a critical health scare to celebrating Holland's charms". If you want to send Gerrit a quick message, you can contact him here.

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Hi, I'm Gerrit

I enjoy sharing useful tips about the beauty of this county.

Are you thinking about using an Amsterdam taxi?

This post has all the information you need. Prices, what to expect, how to book a taxi in Amsterdam, and where to find them.

But I will also make the case for why you might not want to take a taxi in the first place.

My experience as an Amsterdam local is that tourists, especially people from North America, use taxis very quickly, expecting a better experience than they often get. 

I used an Amsterdam Taxi not too long ago and regretted it.

There are better ways of getting around the city and to and from the airport. I’ll cover it all in this article.

Once you get to Amsterdam, getting around will not be complicated and you know exactly when to use what mode of transportation.

Amsterdam Taxi stand at Leidseplein.
Amsterdam Taxi stand at Leidseplein – © Hidden Holland

Taxis in Amsterdam, Uber, or Something Completely Different?

It’s so easy to take a taxi once you land at an airport or take one from your hotel to wherever you need to go.

Or as many people also do today using ride-share services like Uber.

But are these the best options?

First, it’s essential to understand (from a pricing perspective) that taxis and Ubers are the same thing in Amsterdam.

After many legal battles, Uber can only be operated by licensed taxi companies

There Are Still Some Differences Between Taxi’s and Ubers:

If you use Uber, your trip price is fixed, while taxis are metered. 

With Uber, trip prices fluctuate depending on popular times, while Amsterdam taxis have metered prices that do not fluctuate based on time of departure but on distance and the duration of the trip.

The downside about Ubers are, that outside of Amsterdam, they only function one-way.

Which one should you choose?

I will argue neither (except for nights) for trips within the city itself.

While a taxi’s can be super convenient for day-trips. More about that later.

Amsterdam taxis are metered thus, prices are calculated by distance and waiting time.

The chance you will get to your destination without any obstacles in Amsterdam is nill. With waiting costs of €55 per hour, your taxi ride quickly gets expensive.

But that is not all. Remember, many streets in Amsterdam are forbidden for cars or are one-way streets.

All you need is some minor roadwork or a van in front of you stopping to offload and you’re stuck.

The offloading part especially happens all the time because there is no room for businesses to have separate docking places.

One of my experiences was with an American friend in Amsterdam a few months ago. We took a city walk, but her jetlag sank in, and she just wanted to return.

I said, let’s take a tram back to the station. That will get us there in no more than 15 minutes. But she was tired and said no, I’ll order an Uber. I explained why that was not a great idea in Amsterdam, but she didn’t want to take a tram.

The Uber came quickly, but within 2 minutes, we hit roadworks. Then he tried a detour, and we had three trucks offloading before us.

It took 40 minutes. A tram would have been 15.

But in case you’re adamant about using a taxi service, here are some tips:

I recommend booking your taxi online at a fixed price (you can do so here) or taking an Uber.

The benefit of booking a private driver or an Uber is the price is fixed whether you need to make a detour or not. Or use the tram/metro to save both time and money.

Night Travel in Amsterdam

One exception to this advice: late night (and night) travel around Amsterdam.

A taxi or Uber is an excellent idea if you must travel at night. The roads are quiet then, and Amsterdam’s public transport is limited after midnight.

Travel between Amsterdam Schiphol Airport and the City

Schiphol Amsterdam Airport departures.
Schiphol Amsterdam Airport departures – © Hidden Holland

You might be interested in reading my full post on how to get from Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to the City for everything there is to know about the transfer between the airport and the city, but here is the short version:

I recommend a pre-booked taxi service from Amsterdam Airport to Amsterdam.

You can easily book yours ahead of time. Having a driver meet you inside the terminal building with a name sign is nice.

It’s the best option if you want to be picked up immediately after arrival.

Save Up To 70%
Book a Taxi in Advance & Save

When you book a taxi in advance you can save up to 70% off the metered priced and enjoy a fixed price. With coverage around the country.

You have the same level of service as an Uber at similar prices, and you avoid the wait (outside) that you would normally have with an Uber.

Yes, you can still get delays inside the city center. But often, drivers can avoid the center until the very last minute, so it’s minimal. And with luggage, it’s nice not having to take public transportation.

When you don’t book upfront transportation between Schiphol Airport make sure to use an official Amsterdam Airport Taxi from the official taxi rank outside.

All airport taxis accept the most common credit or debit cards. Again, if you book in advance, you don’t have that problem since you will prepay.

If you want to save money, the train is also a reliable alternative, especially if you travel light and your hotel is near a train station.

Amsterdam Central Station is the main train station in Amsterdam. But many hotels are close to other train stations like Amsterdam Sloterdijk, Amsterdam Arena Bijlmer, Amsterdam RAI, or Amsterdam Zuid.

All the stations have direct connections from the airport.

Whatever you do, never accept a ride from unlicensed taxis that hustle for business inside the terminal building.

It’s forbidden by law, and I’ve heard awful stories from people being ripped off. These alternative taxis are often criminals. Make sure you get an official Amsterdam taxi.

What mode of transport is best in Amsterdam?

GVB trams are part of the Amsterdam Public Transport network.
A tram or metro within Amsterdam is faster than a taxi – © Hidden Holland

Taking a tram, sometimes a metro, or using your own two feet is usually best.

Here is my post on using public transport in Amsterdam. It covers every option and tips for making getting around Amsterdam super simple.

Get a day ticket (available here), and hop on and off when you want. The extensive tram system takes you anywhere in the city quickly. 

A taxi (or Uber) between Amsterdam Central Station and the Rijksmuseum can cost up to €20. A ride by tram will be less than €2. Ten times cheaper, and you’ll get there in half the time.

A local tip: Use metro line 52. It runs from North to South and has super convenient stops: Central Station, Rokin (for Begijnhof, Rembrandts Square, Flower Market), Vijzelgracht (for Heineken Brewery, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Moco), and De Pijp (for the Albert Cuyp Market and the trendy neighborhood “De Pijp”)

It’s the fastest way to get there.

How To Order a Taxi in Amsterdam

Taxis waiting at Amsterdam Central Station.
Taxis waiting at Amsterdam Central Station – © Hidden Holland

Although it is not forbidden, you usually don’t hail a taxi on the street. They might not stop (due to regulations).

It’s best to book online at a fixed price, but that takes some of the flexibility out of it. But you can get discounted rates, pay upfront, and use your credit card.

You can also take a taxi from your hotel or ask the restaurant to call one for you.

There are also taxi ranks (taxi standplaats) across town in popular areas. These taxi stops are usually the easiest way to get a taxi in Amsterdam

Taxi Rank Locations: 

  • Amstel Station
  • Amstelstraat
  • Apollolaan
  • Ceintuurbaan (Sarphatipark)
  • Concertgebouw (Concert Building)
  • De Ruiterkade (Central Station – IJ waterfront side)(backside of station)
  • Eerste Van der Helststraat
  • Elandsgracht
  • Frederiksplein
  • ‘s Gravesandeplein (Oosterpark)
  • Haarlemmerplein
  • Linnaeusstraat
  • Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal
  • Nieuwmarkt
  • Piet Heinkade
  • Prins Hendrikkade
  • Rembrandtplein
  • Spuistraat
  • Stadhouderskade (Leidseplein)
  • Victorieplein
  • Vijzelstraat
  • Waterlooplein
  • Westermarkt

WARNING: Always, always check if you’re getting into an official licensed taxi (the same applies to Uber vehicles):

Taxis always have blue license plates (regular cars and illegal taxis have yellow ones). Traditional taxis always have roof lights (but Uber doesn’t always) with the official company name.

Amsterdam Taxi Companies

You can also call a taxi company to book a ride and give them your location.

The primary reliable taxi company in Amsterdam is TCA. You can call them at: +31 20 777 7777.

Or use their iPhone/Android app to reserve your Amsterdam taxi online. Search for the TCA Taxi App in your app store. Booking with the app makes the process a lot easier.

There are also smaller companies that keep changing all the time. As long as they have a blue number plate, it’s safe to use them.

And make sure they always turn on their meter (unless you reserved online here at a discount and have already pre-paid).

Most taxis will accept credit cards. Usually, there are stickers on the outside of the taxi to indicate this. When in doubt, ask your driver.

How to Book an Uber in Amsterdam

Precisely the same as anywhere else in the world. Get the Uber app, enter your account, and select your ride.

The main difference is higher prices than you’re used to because Uber here is outsourced to official taxi companies, with drivers that took exams.

In Amsterdam, you also have a choice in comfort level and different types of vehicles like elsewhere. Depending on availability these are your options:

  • UberX (lower cost, can be lower quality vehicles)
  • Black (original service, standard taxis)
  • Comfort (newer cars with extra legroom)
  • Green (when you like to travel electric)
  • Van (if you’re with more people, but no more than 5)

What costs to expect with Uber?

Expect the cost for an Uber from the Airport to the City Center to be €40-€70.

Note the airport pick-up location for an Uber is in a far corner, and drivers won’t wait more than 5 minutes. Don’t order one until you’re at the pickup location. 

A taxi from the taxi rank costs about €55-€60. If you pre-book your ride they wait for you inside with a name sign and prices start from less than €40 for more service. I think this is a better alternative.

Within the city, a ride from Central Station to Museum Square will cost between €12-€20 with an Uber, and expect similar costs for a taxi.

Taxi Rates in Amsterdam 2024

Taxis in Amsterdam.
Taxis in Amsterdam – © Hidden Holland

Taxis have a taximeter, so you pay by distance. In Europe, we’re on the metric system, so that is per kilometer (0.62 miles).

The taxi market is “free,” but rates are usually very similar from one company to another unless you’ve booked one in advance online. Expect a price per km of €2.96-€3.73 for a regular taxi.

Besides the kilometer part of your price, two more things affecting taxi fares:

There is a starting price varying from €4 to €8.19 depending on the size of the car.

And if your taxi gets stuck (even for a red light), the waiting time clock starts running.

Every minute standing idle is counted at €55 per hour (90 cents per minute). This adds up super, super quickly in Amsterdam.

That is why it’s best to use a tram instead (quicker) or a pre-reserved taxi service at a fixed price. 

Expect fares of €12-€25 for taxis within the city. And €40-€70 from Amsterdam to Schiphol and visa versa. It can also be more depending on delays and the date and time of travel. An average tram or metro ride sets you back €1.50 – €2.

It can happen drivers refuse short drives. If they return, they must queue at the end of the line again, which can take a while. So they prefer rides that are longer (and earn more).

Trust local advice: Amsterdam public transport tickets are much cheaper than a taxi. And it is a lot faster, too.

Frequently Asked Questions Taking a Taxi in Amsterdam

How to tip a Taxi in Amsterdam?

Tips are appreciated. I like to tip 10% of my bill, rounded to the nearest whole euro. If service by my taxi driver was really good I up that to 15-20%. I also do this for fixed-priced rides.

Did you know I’ve built a super handy tip calculator so you can calculate what to tip in Amsterdam?

What if I have a complaint about my Amsterdam taxi driver?

Most taxi drivers are kind and trustworthy but you can always meet the wrong one. It’s then good to know you can make a complaint.

Officially licensed taxis have their license inside the cab for passengers to easily see, including their taxi number (registration number).

Take note of it and complain directly at the taxi company, online at (you can also find more information here) or call +31 900 202 1881.

Always ask for a receipt.

All journeys of (blue license plates) taxis are tracked with GPS.

If you pre-booked your ride, contact the company you reserved with.

With Uber, you can contact their customer service.

If you have taken an illegal taxi from the airport. You’re on your own. But you can file a report with the police.

In all cases, make sure to take a photo or note down the license plate number.

Do taxi drivers in Amsterdam speak English?

Most taxi drivers will have (at least) a basic command of English. It should not be a problem conversing in English with a taxi driver in Amsterdam. Many speak Arabic too. 

Final Thoughts

Finding taxis in Amsterdam at Central Station
Finding taxis in Amsterdam at Central Station – © Hidden Holland

Did I make it easier to understand using a taxi service in Amsterdam? I hope I did!

Here is a summary:

– To and From Amsterdam Airport Schiphol I recommend booking your taxi ride instead of a taxi or Uber.

For similar costs, your driver meets you inside, and costs are competitive and fixed. 

– It’s best to utilize the extensive tram network or the metro services within the city. It’s the quickest way to move around and cost-effective.

Get a (multi) day ticket here before you leave. If you get an “I Amsterdam City Discount Card,” public transportation is included. Read here if the I Amsterdam Card is right for you.

Have a wonderful time in Amsterdam.

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